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Sky & Telescope Magazine

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About Sky & Telescope Magazine

Sky & Telescope magazine is the ultimate guide to all things related to the branch of science that studies celestial objects, space, and the galaxy. In each issue, you will find articles about news, observing, equipment, resources, education, and more topics. If you love learning about this branch of science, then you will love this publication. Order your discount subscription to Sky & Telescope magazine today!


Find out all the latest news in the study of astronomy through your Sky & Telescope magazine subscription. In each issue you will be able to read articles about the latest findings that deal with astrobiology, cosmology, black holes, exoplanets, galaxies, the Milky Way, and other subjects. You will also enjoy reading about the most recent spacecraft missions as well as those that are coming up. There are even features about people, places, and events here on earth just in case you ever want to take a break from staring up at the stars.

Observing and Equipment

Not only does your Sky & Telescope provide you with the latest news in the world of astronomy, but it also helps you do to your own observations. In each issue, there are articles about celestial objects to observe, how to get started, apps that will help you, the equipment that you need, as well as guides. The guides for the type of equipment that you need are extremely beneficial. You will enjoy learning how to look into space and also learning how to interpret what you are seeing. There are also do-it-yourself projects that you will enjoy as well!

Resources and Education

There are numerous resources provided to you in each issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. You will find astronomy information, charts, astrophotography tips, the basics of stargazing, astronomical terms for you to learn, and more. You will enjoy learning more about your hobby through this periodical. If you want to learn even more about this branch of science, there are suggestions for online classes that you can take as well. This publication provides all that you need to keep learning about astronomy.

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