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California Home & Design Magazine

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About California Home & Design Magazine

California Home & Design magazine is published with the aim of helping affluent California homeowners decorate and furbish their homes and gardens. Full of features on high-end residences, this publication provides you with lavish photography of notable homes, gardens, decorating ideas, and products. There are also articles about the latest technology for homes and gardens as well as the classic Californian style, tradition, and taste. Order your discount subscription to decoration and style today by signing up for California Home & Design magazine!

Trends and Inspiration

With feature articles about the latest trends in architecture, style, and design, California Home & Design magazine is renowned as a resourceful guide to classy Californian homes and gardens. Whether you want inspiration for your own designs or would prefer to have your home full of the most sophisticated decoration trends, this publication can help perfect your residence. The inspiration section of the magazine is packed with ideas for all the areas and out of your house, from your guest bathroom to your pool deck. All of your friends will be requesting who you used as your interior designer but it will be up to you whether to reveal your secret or not!


In every issue of California Home & Design, you will find tons of products that you will love. Whether you take the products as inspiration for decorating your space or invest in the product itself, you will love it all! There are funky finds from professional designer’s collections as well as products from all of your favorite stores. It doesn’t matter what your taste in design is, modern, sophisticated, or funky, there is something for every Californian homeowner in this publication!

Tours, Destinations, and Properties

If you prefer to see homes with designs you admire in person, there is information about well-known residences and when they offer tours to the public in every issue. These houses range in styles with serene and classical architecture to those that are urban oases. If the gorgeous photography layouts in every issue just aren’t enough of an inspiration for your own residence, California Home & Design magazine will help you find a tour suited to your preferences. There are also features in every issue about beautiful locations throughout the state of California. Whether you want to vacation in a house or resort as beautiful as your own abode or are still seeking some inspiration, this magazine will help you will all of your decorating needs!

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