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Girls' World Magazine

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About Girls' World Magazine

Girls’ World Magazine gives girls the scoop on all the fashion, style, and celebrity news they crave while promoting positive body image and providing information and advice in order to develop into strong, confident teenagers.

Celebrity Style & Advice

Girls will love getting up close and personal with their favorite young stars! Articles in Girls' World mag provide style tips as well as advice young girls want and relate to. With stories about real girls and women doing big things, readers are encouraged to take the world by storm.

Crafts and DIY Projects

Girls’ World magazine is packed with fun crafts and DIY projects to keep that ever-growing mind busy! From puzzles to recipes, every turn of the page offers her something new to try!

Interactive Quizzes

With interactive quizzes, girls can feel involved in their culture as well as proud of who they are becoming. With titles like, “What Kind of Animal Are You?” and “Who’s the Famous Cute Kid?,” girls can learn about themselves, their culture, and the expansive world around them.

Give your girl access to the stories, styles and crafts she loves with a discounted subscription to Girls’ World Magazine today!

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