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Archaeology Magazine

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About Archaeology Magazine

Archaeology magazine is the periodical published by the Archaeological Institute of America. Each issue provides you with quality information about time periods, past civilizations, cultures, artifacts, languages, and many other archaeological topics. You will enjoy reading this publication and learning more about society as a whole as you do. Order your discount subscription to Archaeology magazine today!


It has never been easier to find out about the latest archaeological news than with a subscription to Archaeology magazine! In each issue you will be able to learn about what archaeologists from around the world have been doing and have recently discovered. You will be able to read about newly discovered sites and digs, rare artifacts, new discoveries, different perspectives on ancient cultures, new research, and other fascinating news. You will love staying up to date with all that is happening in the archaeological world with this subscription!


There are many different topics discussed in each issue of Archaeology magazine. No matter what your specific interest in the field is, you can find many articles that you will enjoy reading. You will be able to read about artifacts from ancient societies, burial sites and tombs, experimental archaeology and how it is changing the field, historical cultures and civilizations, early art forms, and many other topics. There are even features about the world’s best archaeologists for you to enjoy reading. You will love learning even more about your field of study with each issue that you receive!


In addition to learning more about current news and great topics, you will also learn about different places that you can travel to see dig sites. There is information about both domestic and international travel such as Texas sites or those in Honduras. You can also learn of tours, educational opportunities, and exciting events that you can attend.

Learn more about the field of archaeology by ordering a discount subscription to Archaeology magazine today! 

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