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Ask Magazine

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About Ask Magazine

Ask magazine is a great educational publication for children between the ages of 7-10. You will enjoy watching your child have fun with this periodical about the arts and sciences. Each issue has great features that will encourage your child to love reading, learning, and experimenting. He or she will enjoy getting to know Marvin and all of his friends through this discount subscription. Subscribe to Ask magazine today! 

Marvin and Friends

There are many characters in each issue of Ask magazine and your child will love them all! Marvin the raccoon is the main character and he enjoys his tricks and inventions and inspires all children to be creative. There is also the hoarder, Avery the squirrel. Your child will also love Bot the robot dog and his obsession with data. Elvis the parrot is the animal that provides a little culture in each issue. Plush Bottom the hippo enjoys all of her organization. Your child will love learning about different books from the hedgehog, Whatson. Puck and Sisyphus are the inseparable clam and hermit crab. Bone Pony will provide your son or daughter with all the fun facts that he or she could possibly want. Kids all love Zia the zany zebra as well. Your child will enjoy reading about Rasputin the rat’s recipes too!

Experiments, Crafts, and Recipes

In every issue of Ask magazine, there are many great activities that you and your child will enjoy doing together. There are outdoor activities that inspire children to explore the outdoor world as well as many learning activities. Your son or daughter will love making all of the fun and creative crafts that are included in each issue as well, from making rockets to family trees, there is something in each issue that any kid would enjoy. There are even some tasty and easy recipes for your child to make.

Tricks and Games

Ask magazine also provides children with many great games and interesting tricks. You will enjoy watching your child figure out a challenging puzzle, find patterns, play games, and do the other many activities in each issue. There are also numerous clever tricks like tying knots and seemingly magical drawings that will impress both you and your child!

Order a discount subscription to Ask magazine today to start learning about the arts and sciences!

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