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Bassin' Magazine

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About Bassin' Magazine

Bassin’ magazine is the number one bass fishing publication for weekend anglers. In every issue, you will find great articles about how to have better fishing trips. From learning about how to sharpen your hooks to finding the perfect location, you will find all that you need in this publication. Every issue also has reader-submitted photos and information about contests in which you can compete. Order your discount subscription to Bassin’ magazine today!

Tips and Advice

Bassin’ magazine ensures that you have all the best information about angling, fish, gear, and techniques so that all of your fishing trips are as successful as possible. Whether you have recently started fishing or have been fishing since you were a child, you can learn and benefit from this periodical. Each issue aims to teach and explain the ways that are best for catching fish. You can read articles about finding the best fishing spots as well as features about how to tie knots in your line that won’t come out, and many other helpful topics. You will enjoy fishing more with a subscription to this magazine.


On top of learning new techniques and tips for fishing, you will also be able to look at photos of real people on their fishing trips as well as the huge basses that they caught thanks to the tips found in this periodical. You will enjoy seeing photos of people who love fishing as much as you do! If you feel so inclined, you can also send in your own photo to be featured by Bassin’ magazine as well.


In each issue of Bassin’ magazine, you can read about tournaments and contests that you can compete in as well as those in which the most skilled anglers participate. You will enjoy reading about Big Bass World Champions, as well as winners of other competitions. You can also read about the contests themselves and even some tips from the experts who compete as well!

Order your discount subscription to Bassin’ magazine today to become a better bass angler! 

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