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Bridal Guide Magazine

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About Bridal Guide Magazine

Whether you are a bride-to-be or someone close to the lucky lady, you can benefit from buying Bridal Guide magazine! This is one of the most exciting times in your life and a discount Bridal Guide subscription can make sure that you can experience the excitement without having to fret over any details. From help with planning your first bridal shower to picking your beautiful honeymoon destination, BG is there for you! Get your Bridal Guide magazine subscription today!

Planning from A to Z
No matter what type of wedding you are planning, you will find something to help you in this magazine! It has the latest fashion trends for dresses, colors, shoes and more. It even has a fitness section to help you plan how to keep yourself fit and healthy while you are busy planning your special day. If the traditional wedding isn’t your style, you will find helpful information that will make designing your courthouse or destination wedding easier than you could have ever imagined! There is even a section to help you pick your registry items so your life after the wedding will be as blissful as the ceremony itself!

While you are busy picking flowers and dresses, you may not have much time to brush up on the etiquette rules your mom always talked about. Bridal Guide helps you remember all the wedding etiquette, such as when to send out invitations, what fork is used for which food, and how soon you should send out your thank you notes. Every etiquette question can be answered with the help of Bridal Guide mag!

The Not-So-Little Details
Some of the little details can get lost in the bigger planning process, but not with Bridal Guide! Picking your plates and napkins for your place settings will never be easier than with BG’s help. There is also a section for accessories for yourself and your bridesmaids, because you don’t want to realize you forgot necklaces on the morning of the wedding! Even when it comes to the honeymoon, you will have no trouble knowing exactly what you need to plan for and pack. From the day you say, “Yes!” to the day you say, “I do!” Bridal Guide has you covered.

Take the stress out of planning your perfect day. Subscribe to Bridal Guide magazine today!

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