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Chirp Magazine

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About Chirp Magazine

Chirp magazine is a fantastic educational magazine your young child. Perfect for children between the ages of three and six, this periodical provides you with many great stories, activities, and features that your son or daughter will love. Each issue seeks to foster a love of learning and reading in young children through its many fun early-learning activities. Order your child a discount Chirp magazine subscription today!


The stories in Chirp magazine are designed for young children to enjoy on their own with all the beautiful illustrations or with loved ones. You will enjoy both reading with your little one as well as watching him or her peruse the periodical alone. The engaging stories are written by prominent writers from throughout North America and illustrated by talented artists as well. All of the stories help to promote an early love of reading and writing in young children.

Early-Learning Activities

Chirp magazine also provides your child with many fun early-learning activities in addition to the interesting stories. Your little one will enjoy doing all of the crafts and making all of the tasty recipes that are suggested in each issue. You will love that your child is inspired to be so creative with the help of this periodical. There are also many silly jokes for you and your little one to giggle over together.

Themes and Features

Each discount issue of Chirp magazine has a unique theme that your child will love. All of the issues also feature the title character: Chirp who is a sweet, yellow chick. Your little one will grow to love this character and all of its friends. He or she will be inspired to learn, play, imagine, and explore through this wonderful subscription. Every edition takes into account suggestions and critiques from a parent advisory board as well as a group of curriculum experts to make sure that this publication complements what children are learning both at home and in the classroom.

Order your child a fun and educational publication by subscribing to Chirp magazine today! 

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