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Cricket Magazine

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About Cricket Magazine

Cricket magazine is a literary publication for children ages nine to fourteen or grades 4-8. In each issue of this publication, there are exciting fictional stories, creative poems, interesting non-fiction stories, insightful commentary from Cricket and Ladybug, and many other fun extras. You will also enjoy access to the magazine’s companion website which will provide you with supplemental activities. Order your discount subscription of Cricket magazine today to start reading!


In each issue of Cricket magazine, you will have access to classic literature, poetry, short stories, fantasy, hilarious cartoons, and more. There are also beautiful illustrations in each issue that are drawn by award winning illustrations whose skills are only matched by the writing skills of the award-winning authors also featured in every publication! These fun stories and poems will inspire a love of reading and writing in children and you will love them!


Cricket magazine also provides you with great non-fiction stories. You will be able to read about the cultures of various past and present societies, historical accounts of momentous events, scientific wonders, the arts, as well as the adventures of real people. There are many interesting stories in each issue that are just as entertaining as the fictional writings! These stories are also illustrated and will be enjoyable for you to read when you receive each issue.


In addition to great fictional and non-fiction literature, each issue will also provide you with humorous commentary about the stories. You will love reading what Cricket, Ladybug, and all their friends think about the same stories that you read. There are also many fun extras such as crossword puzzles, yummy recipes, contests into which you can enter your work, and many other features that you will enjoy. You will love this publication and everything that comes with it!

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