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Extreme How-To Magazine

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About Extreme How-To Magazine

Extreme How-To magazine is a great periodical for anyone who desires to improve his or her home regularly. In each issue, you will enjoy reading about a wide array of topics and categories. There is a tutorial for every type of project imaginable in this magazine. There are also informative tool reviews in each issue that will ensure that you have all the best tools to help you with any of your projects. Order your discount Extreme How-To magazine subscription today!

General Projects

Whether you are looking to make improvements to your personal workshop, to the guest bathroom, or any other area of your home that you can think of, you will find tips and advice to help you with any project in this periodical. There are ideas and tutorials for making improvements to your vehicle, décor, plumbing, paint, and many other types of projects. You will be able to repair broken items or upgrade your home with the help of an Extreme How-To magazine subscription.

Construction Projects

In addition to the many general projects, you will also have access to many tutorials and tips for your projects that are more heavily construction oriented. You will enjoy learning more about your project and in turn completing it more quickly and with better results than if you did not have this resource. There is information about a wide range of topics from demolition to the finishing carpentry. You will enjoy learning more about construction with every issue of Extreme How-To magazine that you read.


Extreme How-To magazine also ensures that you have all the best tools for your many home-improvement projects. In each issue, there are numerous reviews that will inform you of the pros and cons of individual tools so that you can invest wisely in the tools that you plan to use for any of your projects. This magazine provides you with everything that you need to complete a successful project in your home.

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