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National Geographic Magazine

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About National Geographic Magazine

For over 100 years National Geographic has been the magazine of the modern-day explorer, of the curious and the adventurous, of the world-shapers and the world-chroniclers. And for 100 years it has been introducing its readers to the most interesting people and places in all corners of the globe, taking them on journeys that reach far beyond the limits of its pages. 

Eye-Opening Articles

Through compelling editorials and eye-witness journalistic reports National Geographic delivers wide-ranging and impeccably researched information spanning culture, nature, geography, science, and current events. It unearths and examines the many ways humans interact with and respond to our rapidly changing universe, from plans to preserve the imperiled Amazonian rain forest to efforts to uncover the mysteries of Pluto with an unmanned spacecraft.

Award-Winning Photography

But while the articles are intriguing in their own right, their power is increased alongside breathtaking photos that capture the edges of our world—the weird and the wild, the remarkable and the extreme. By flipping through its pages you can experience the wonder of walking in the redwoods, spelunking in hidden caves, or cozying up to a herd of African elephants.

Stories of Adventure

Your adventure continues through personal stories that recount with intensity the harrows of climbing the tallest mountain in Myanmar and the dangers of coming face-to-face with ivory traffickers. And each story is crafted with a passion that will give you the ability to dive deeper into our world from the comfort of your own home, and maybe even inspire you to venture out on your own travels. 

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