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Outdoor Photographer Magazine

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About Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Outdoor Photographer magazine is the publication for the person who loves both the outdoors and taking photographs. There are articles in each issue that you will love about improving your photos, reviews and guides for the newest equipment and stunning photo portfolios. Subscribe to great photography by ordering your discount Outdoor Photographer subscription today!

New Techniques

One of the best parts of receiving the Outdoor Photographer magazine is the tips and techniques that are explained in every issue. You will love all the interesting how-to articles. The articles cover a broad range of topics including printing, output, editing software, photo basics and more. The images you capture will look more beautiful than ever after you read all the tips and suggestions that this magazine has for you.

Greatest Gear

Any photographer knows that good gear requires an investment, not only of money, but of time researching the best brands and types for your preferences as well. There are suggestions for all the gear you need ranging from the cameras themselves to all the accessories that you will need to go with them. There are even suggestions for the best printers if you are printing your images at home. Outdoor Photographer’s buyer’s guide will help you to choose all the right gear for you and your photographic style.

New Locations and Your Favorite Places

Whether you like to travel near or far, you will love all the ideas with which that Outdoor Photographer magazine will provide you. There are numerous location ideas ranging from those in North America to those that are international. There are also great suggestions for classes, workshops, and tours for you to participate in to expand your photography skills. There are even opportunities for you to submit your own favorite locations to the magazine to share with other photographers just like you.

Subscribe to honing your photography skills and finding new locations with each issue when you have a discount subscription to Outdoor Photographer magazine. Order yours today! 

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