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Star Magazine

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About Star Magazine

What is Star? It is a weekly gossip publication that makes sure that you are always up to date on the latest trends, couples, scandals, fashion, and more among your favorite celebrities. Be sure to stay informed of the doings of all your favorite celebrities by taking out a subscription to Star magazine today!


You will never be caught not missing something that has happened in Hollywood again with the help of your Star mag subscription! Every issue you receive provides you with articles about all the happenings in your favorite celebrities' lives that week. You will be among the first to know if a couple has broken up, someone is expecting a baby, cheated on their spouse, and any other celebrity life events about which you could possibly want to know.


No other magazine has the weekly exclusives that Star magazine is able to feature. That means that you will be privy to the best stories, gossip, and interviews directly from Hollywood. Star magazine guarantees that you will always know the best stories before anyone else. Since the stories are exclusives, the magazine ensures you get all the details of anything that your favorite celebrity has been up to since you read the last issue even though it won't be featured in other magazines.


Not only does Star magazine make sure that you know all the latest gossip about the various Hollywood stars, each issue also guarantees the best (and worst!) photos of the stars. You will love seeing all the good, bad, and ugly styles that the stars are currently wearing when they go about their normal lives or when they are walking the red carpet. You will definitely enjoy seeing what the stars look like when they are not dressed up for special events. You may even find out that your favorite celebrity may even have a shopping-look just like yours!  

Subscribe to the best and latest celebrity gossip and news by ordering your discount Star magazine subscription today! 

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