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Tattoo Magazine

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About Tattoo Magazine

Tattoo magazine is the world’s top selling magazine about body art. In each issue you will be able to read articles about celebrities with ink, find out the latest trends in body art, see gorgeous photo spreads, and more. No other publication about the inked lifestyle can compare to this one. Order your subscription to Tattoo magazine today!

Real People, Real Ink

A discount Tattoo magazine subscription provides you with great features on people just like you. You will love reading about real people with the best quality of ink. There are even features with celebrities and their tattoos as well. You will want to emulate their body art on your own body, because it is just that beautiful! Every issue of this publication ensures that you get the best photo spreads of their ink as well. No other magazine can compare to this one in its ability to show off the best tattoos.

Body Artists and Their Shops

Not only will you be able to read about people and their tattoos, but you will also be able to read about the best artists in the business. In the features that Tattoo magazine provides you with, you will learn about where the artists received their start, the types of body art they love, the shops in which they work, and so much more about their lives. You will enjoy reading about the best artists and maybe even traveling to get a tattoo from one of them!

Features and Extras

Tattoo magazine also ensures that you get to read about the lifestyle that you love so much. You will enjoy reading the articles about the history of body art, tattoos around the world, and more in every issue of your subscription. There is also tons of information about events such as the Inked Up World Tour. Whether you are looking to travel and attend one of the events or just like reading the coverage about them, this magazine can provide you with all that you need.

Get the lifestyle by ordering your discount Tattoo magazine subscription today! 

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