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Official Xbox Magazine

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About Official Xbox Magazine

Official Xbox magazine is the ultimate guide to Xbox gaming. In each issue of your subscription, you will receive information about the latest games, news, in-depth reviews, previews, and more gaming related material. Order your subscription to the ultimate gaming experience by getting your discount Official Xbox magazine subscription today!


Learn all that you want to know about your favorite games through your Official Xbox magazine subscription. Each issue will provide you with an in-depth look into what developers are planning next for your favorite gaming system. You will be able to read about the new trends in games, resolutions, hard drives, and more. There are also opinion articles in each issue so that you can learn more about gaming that way as well. There are opinions about where the next Assassin’s Creed should be set, why Call of Duty pre-orders were down in the last year, sharing Halo memories and more.


Not only will you get great articles about gaming and opinions, but you will also receive in-depth reviews of all the hottest games. You will learn about the special features, pros, and cons of the games in each review. Thanks to the critiques with which your Official Xbox mag provides you, you will be able to ascertain whether you should pre-order a game, wait till the price drops, or even pass on the it completely. The same goes for the reviews about new systems. You will know all the best games and systems in which it is worth investing with the help of this publication.


Official Xbox magazine also provides you with the best features for gamers. In every issue there are tons of articles about living the gamer lifestyle. You will find information about tournaments, paraphernalia, first-looks, less popular indie games, and more gaming-related subjects. You will look forward to reading and perusing each issue when you receive it in the mail!

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