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CBS Watch! Magazine

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About CBS Watch! Magazine

CBS Watch! is the official magazine of CBS. It’s the most glamorous entertainment magazine on the stands because of its exclusive interviews with celebrities, previews of upcoming shows and movies, fashion articles, celebrity getaways features, and articles about old CBS stars and shows. No other magazine gives you a more unique perspective on your favorite stars and how they live their lives. Watch! will help you become as glamorous as the celebrities you love. Be glamorous and subscribe today!

Watch! Celebrities
In this magazine, you will find more exclusive interviews and photo shoots that reveal aspects of your favorite actors that you never knew existed. No other magazine can offer you such a distinctive view into the lives of all the celebrities you love. Not only does a CBS Watch! discount subscription give you an in depth look into what your current favorite actors are doing now, but it also has features on the stars that were in all your old favorite shows. With a blast from CBS past, nostalgia has never felt so good.

Celebrity Wanderlust
No other magazine has the features that tell you all the vacation getaways of your favorite celebrities. The CBS Watch! mag even gives you tips on where to go to spot celebrities on your own. This magazine helps you to develop the same lust for life that the celebrities have. With articles on where celebrities travel and dine, you will be able to live a glamorous life of your own alongside the rich and famous.

Glamorous Fashion
For the glamorous life that this magazine helps you gain, you need a glamorous wardrobe to match. Numerous features on celebrity looks and how to imitate them with your own closet, you will have a following of your own. Included in the fashion features of each publication will be beauty hacks so you can get red carpet worthy hair and makeup in your own home. With your style and beauty, you will be as glamorous as any celebrity.

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