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Slam Magazine

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About Slam Magazine

What is Slam? It is the magazine that was created for basketball enthusiasts from age fourteen to twenty-four.  Every issue you receive will provide you with articles about basketball players of various ages, the kicks that all the players are wearing and endorsing, and more. Subscribe to the basketball culture by ordering your Slam magazine subscription today!


With every issue of Slam magazine that you receive, you will get articles that feature player profiles, the teams’ expenses, team owners, the number of games in each season, player injuries, and so much more. You will be more informed than ever about your favorite sport with the help of this magazine. Your friends will be so impressed that you know more about your team, and even their team, than they do.

College and High School Ball

Not only will you learn about everything that has happened and is happening in the NBA, but you will also be kept up to date with all the big events in college basketball. Slam magazine even goes the extra mile and informs you of the rising stars in high school sports so that you can start guessing who is going to get picked up by colleges. Stay current with everything that is happening in the world of basketball with Slam mag!


Your discount Slam magazine subscription will ensure that you always know about the kicks that your icons are wearing, both to their games and when they are hanging around town. You will also be privy to knowing when shoes hit the market so that you can be the first of your friends to pick up the hottest kicks available. Each issue also has articles about the brand sponsorships that players take on and when they drop those for new ones. You will know about every aspect of the basketball realm with the help of this subscription.

Order your discount Slam magazine subscription today to keep up with everything that is happening in the world of basketball! 

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