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iD: Ideas & Discoveries Magazine

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About iD: Ideas & Discoveries Magazine

As an educational publication, iD: Ideas & Discoveries provides you with the latest information about the developments in the fields of science and technology. You will learn about all kinds of subjects including, science, psychology, history, nature, and current events. Order your subscription to iD: Ideas & Discoveries magazine today!

Science and Nature 

In every issue of iD: Ideas & Discoveries magazine, you will learn about phenomenon that you have never before encountered. Learn about the latest scientific discoveries before any of your friends and family with the help of this publication. Each edition provides you with in-depth articles about medicine, health, and more. You will also enjoy reading about natural phenomenon that you were previously unaware of. From learning about the deterioration of the Great Barrier Reef to understanding sand tsunamis, you will love reading about nature and science in this periodical.

History and Current Events

This magazine provides you with great historical information as well as in-depth coverage of current events, history as it is made. Each issue of iD: Ideas & Discoveries ensures that you have unique and interesting perspectives to read. One article may examine newly released government documents about secret operations surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, while another could be about the latest war on terror. Either way, you will always be well informed with the help of this publication.


Not only will you be informed about history and science, but you will also learn about all the various technologies as they are developed. Since you will know all about new technology, you will be able to examine how they will impact your life. From popular developments such as the new processors in the latest Apple product to more obscure information such as the technologies that are impacting cancer research. You will love reading about everything in the world around you with the help of this magazine.

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